Water Education

Use these resources to learn how to optimize your water use!

VIDEO: Sustainable Landscape Series
Optimize your landscape year round by taking notes from our Sustainable Landscape Series!

Adult Programs

  • Virtual Lunch and Learn Series: Sign up to attend a virtual class or watch a replay of previous classes. Hosted by North Texas Municipal Water District.
  • Collin County Master Gardeners Association: Learn and service with this group of volunteers and passionate horticulturalists. This program is affiliated with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service of the Texas A&M University system.
  • Free Sprinkler Evaluation: High water bills during summer months are normally caused by sprinkler use. Your sprinkler zones could be using up to 15 gallons each minute! This free service is available to Allen water customers with an account in good standing. Limited to the first 50 signups.

More conservation resources:

Youth Programs

Whether you’re a teacher, scout leader, PTA affiliate or parent, our water education lessons can help your students think critically about water. Lessons are prepared at the K-12 grade level and include subjects on the water cycle, our watershed, water conservation, environmental modeling and water quality. For information on our current programs, email our Water Conservation Specialist.

Learn on your own! Check out these resources designed just for kids:

Stormwater Education

In highly urbanized areas, stormwater runoff pollution is a major contributor to water pollution in the United States. As rain falls, stormwater runoff collects and travels over urban lands. This runoff picks up and carries pollutants through municipal storm sewer systems, and, ultimately, onto streams, lakes, rivers and other water sources impairing water quality.

Each person's daily activities contribute to waterway pollution. Use these resources to identify actions you can take to reduce or prevent stormwater runoff pollution in your home and community.

  • Defend Your Drains: Learn how your house plumbing works and why it's important for all of us to take care to prevent sewer clogs. 
  • Adopt-a-Waterway: Facilitated by Keep Allen Beautiful, this program enables volunteers to protect their waterways and improve water quality through quarterly cleanups. For more information, call 214.509.4555.

VIDEO: Be a Scooper Hero!

VIDEO: Stormwater Pollution Prevention

VIDEO: Stormwater with Freddy the Fish

VIDEO: Stormwater to Drinking Water