Public and Paratransit in Allen

The City of Allen is continuing to partner with DART to provide transportation options for seniors and residents with disabilities.

The partnership provides for a taxi voucher system, Collin County Rides, available for seniors and residents with disabilities.

  1. What is the Collin County Rides Program?
    The Collin County Rides Program is a taxi subsidy service provided by Dallas Area Rapid Transit. 
  2. What are the eligibility requirements?
    Senior citizens age 65 and older and/or persons with disabilities who live in Wylie, Allen and Fairview are eligible to participate in the program. 
  3. Where can I register for the program?
    Those interested in applying for the service should go online to for information and to access a web portal to register. Interested participants may also call DART’s certification office at 214.828.6717 to determine eligibility. 
  4. How does the program work?
    Once your eligibility is established, you will receive a taxi debit card from DART. You will use this card to pay for taxi service from the Collin County Rides program. The card cannot be used for other goods or service. All trips – including return trips – should be scheduled up to two service days in advance. Same day scheduling of trips is not permitted. The service is available seven days a week from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. Trip reservations can be made Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
  5. What balance do I have to keep on the taxi debit card?
    The value on the taxi debit card cannot exceed $200 at any time. You can store $5 to $50 on the card, and you will receive a taxi subsidy based on how much you contribute. For example, if you upload $50 to the card, your taxi subsidy is $150, for a taxi debit card value of $200. 
  6. Can I use this service for all of my transportation needs?
    Yes. Registered residents can travel anywhere in Collin County and for any trip purpose, and this includes connecting to the DART service area. The only limitation is the amount of funds on the taxi debit card.  
  7. Are guest(s) able to accompany me on a trip?
    You cannot use your taxi debit card to pay for any guests accompanying you on the trip. However, guests are allowed to accompany you for an additional $2 per guest. This must be paid in cash or credit card. 
  8. What happens if I lose my taxi debit card?
    You should immediately report to DART a lost, stolen or damaged taxi debit card at 214.749.3400. There is no fee for the first lost card, but a $5 fee will be assessed for any additional replacement cards. 
  9. I have regularly scheduled medical appointments, do those also have to be scheduled two days in advance?
    You may be eligible for subscription service. This service eliminates the need to call and schedule each individual trip in advance. A scheduling representative will be able to determine your eligibility. You need to call 469.470.2325 to inquire.
You can find more information about the taxi-voucher system on the DART website -
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