Lateral Entry

We value your service and experience! Allen Police Department offers pay proportionate to your training and years of service. We tailor our 2-week new hire training to ensure you're ready to enter our field training program and begin your career. Testing is done by appointment once your paperwork is submitted, and we do our best to only require two trips to Allen during the application process.

Lateral Entry is offered to out-of-state officers and in-state TCOLE certified officers.

Out-of-State Officers

Before applying, please review the TCOLE Out-of-State Officer Eligibility Requirements and make sure you meet all requirements.

If you don't meet TCOLE's requirements, or the requirements listed below, you are ineligible for hire through our lateral program. Instead, you would need to obtain your TCOLE license first and then apply as a TCOLE certified applicant, or, enter as a recruit and attend the police academy.

Lateral requirements for out-of-state officers

  • Be eligible for certification from TCOLE (Texas Commission on Law Enforcement) and meet the requirements for the Out-of-State Peace Officer process. Obtain verification from TCOLE to begin the out-of-state process.

Must meet all the following requirements at your current agency

  • At least 4 years of continuous law enforcement experience with your current department as a full-time peace officer answering calls for service and possessing arrest powers from a municipality, sheriff's office or department of public safety (military, school district, and hospital police do not qualify)
  • At least 2 years must be in patrol
  • Work at an agency that employs at least 80 officers and serves a population of at least 100,000
  • Have completed a minimum 12-week field training program
  • Not currently under investigation or disciplinary actions for misconduct/criminal activity
  • Pass all phases of the hiring process. Testing is done by appointment.

The Chief of Police or his designee makes the final determination on whether an applicant meets the eligibility standards.

In-State TCOLE Certified Officers

If you have a TCOLE license, you may apply as an in-state lateral applicant. There is no requirement for years of service. The hiring process is outlined below. The written exam and physical assessment are done by appointment.

Starting salary
Starting salary is determined by your training and experience. Most lateral entry applicants will start in the $90,000 range. Currently our top-out pay is $103,028. 

If during field training you demonstrate an above average work product, you could be selected to complete an accelerated field training program of 10 weeks. If you need the full 17 weeks, it's always available.

Once you’ve completed your 1-year probation, you’re eligible to apply for most of our specialized assignments. You may try out for our SWAT Team once you've completed field training.

Hiring process
Lateral applicants must successfully complete each phase of the hiring process to be considered for a position:

  1. Apply online
  2. Begin TCOLE's Out-of-State Officer paperwork. Must have approval from TCOLE to qualify for the lateral program.
  3. Submit a completed Personal History Statement and Preliminary Interview packet
  4. Complete the written exam and 2000-meter row (by appointment)
  5. Preliminary interview
  6. Oral Board
  7. Polygraph
  8. Background investigation
  9. Medical exam and drug screen
  10. Psychological exam
  11. Final interview with the Chief of Police or his designee