Allen Fire Department Hiring Process

Firefighter uniforms hanging on rack with patch visible

Minimum requirements

Allen Fire Department has the following minimum requirements for job applicants:

  • High school diploma
  • Texas Department of State Health Services paramedic certification
  • Texas drivers license
  • Texas Commission on Fire Protection structural fire fighter certification

Out-of-state applicants must provide written confirmation that they are eligible for reciprocity and have proof that they are in the process of obtaining a Texas drivers license, paramedic certification and structural fire fighting certifications from the State of Texas.

Written test

Applicants who meet minimum requirements and submit a completed job application will be asked to complete a written test. The written test is pass/fail and may contain questions related to: basic math, logic/reasoning, map reading, mechanical aptitude, reading comprehension, reading gauges, situational judgment, spatial sense, table interpretation and vocabulary.

Physical ability test

Applicants who pass the written exam will immediately proceed to the physical ability test (PAT). Each candidate is encouraged to wear workout attire appropriate for the event and weather. A 35-pound weight vest (provided by the department) and work gloves (provided by the applicant) will be worn throughout the entirety of the PAT. This timed test includes job-specific tasks as described below.

Test nameTime limitDescription
Ladder climb5 minutesClimb a 75-foot aerial ladder, fully extended, at a 72-degree angle and return to the starting position on the pedestal. Each rung must be touched in the ascent and decent.
Rest period2 minutesFollowing successful completion of the ladder climb, rest for two minutes at the start line.
Series events13 minutesEach of the following tasks must be completed properly before moving to the next step. Time continues regardless of any need to correct a mistake.
  • Hose couple
  • Hose drag: drag a charged hose through obstacles
  • Stair climb with hose pack: climb the stairs while carrying the hose pack. The hose must be carried, not dragged or tossed. No step skipping.
  • Hose pull: pull the hose up via a provided rope using the hand-over-hand method. Candidates may not utilize the railing like a pulley, though they may rest the rope on the railing if needed.
  • Stair descent: take hose pack down stairs. Pack must be carried, not dragged or tossed.
  • Kaiser machine: use provided sledge to strike a weight, moving it the prescribed distance. Candidates' hands must rise to head level on the upstroke.
  • Crawl: crawl a set distance on hands and knees
  • Dummy drag: move a dummy the prescribed distance, using any carry desired

Oral interview

Applicants who successfully complete the physical ability test will be scheduled for an oral interview. The interview is conducted by several members of the fire department. Applicants are scored according to their responses. Oral interview scores are used to rank candidates.

Reference checks, exams and screenings

Reference checks will be performed on the top candidate, followed by an interview with the Fire Chief. If selected to continue in the process, the candidate will be scheduled for a psychological exam, background investigation with polygraph and a medical exam. If these results are acceptable to the Fire Chief, the City of Allen Human Resources Department will conduct a criminal background and driving record check as well as coordinate the pre-employment drug screen.