Why did I receive a leak alert?

Customers will receive an automated leak alert if their smart water meter detects certain use patterns:

  • "Continuous Leak Alerts" are sent automatically if at least 3 gallons of water are consumed every hour for a minimum of 24 hours. While this pattern may indicate a slow leak, these alerts can also be triggered during times of intentional continuous water use, such as slowly dripping faucets to prevent frozen pipes in cold weather, or when refilling a pool.
  • "Burst Leak Alerts" are sent when a meter detects a large and sudden spike in water use. This spike could be caused by a burst pipe or water heater and should be investigated immediately to prevent damage to your home and property. If you need assistance shutting off water to your home due to a leak, please contact the City of Allen's 24/7 water emergency hotline at 214.509.4530.

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